More truly, getting there at the time of Ptolemaist — concept about shift of equinoxes (that is about the same turn of the terrestrial orbit which has plunged into confusion the public by efforts of Royal astronomical society) it was issued much more later. Shift it is too sluggish, that with it it was necessary to be considered daily: for almost two thousand years the point of a spring equinox was displaced on only twenty, approximately, degrees, that is with the speed which is slightly exceeding degree a century. On an extent of five generations the zodiac practically is at a stop. No wonder that in consciousness (and in terminology) astrologers communication between concrete constellations and zodiac signs managed to be fixed strongly. But this communication is purely formal — communication of a subject with the name and no more than that. Yes, it is valid, the astrology — is a science about influence of stars on destiny. But these stars never were meant as zodiac constellations. Behind the Sun, the Moon, behind each of planets and the majority of the brightest stars a certain value is recognized as astrologers. So, Mercury answers for reason, Venus — for feelings and Mars operates violent acts and accidents. In what astrological house (the house, instead of a sign!) there is a planet, in that area of human life and its specialty is shown. The simplest example: Mars in the House of travel can mean danger of road failure. If it is a question of individual horoscopes — and they are made on exact (about fifteen minutes), time of the birth of the person, — starts to play a role not only annual, but also daily rotation of a firmament. Here it is important, as highly over the horizon (or it is low under it) there was a planet or a star at the moment of the birth, it ascended or came, came nearer to a zenith or to the lowermost point of the heavenly sphere. Force of its influence on character depends on it been born and on its further destiny. Only in this way in astrological system the stars which are a part of zodiac constellation also operate. — in the same way. however, as well as not entering there. For example, the brightest star in constellation of the Maiden — Spik — indicates love to a science and art, success and constancy. If at the moment of the birth it ascends or comes nearer to a zenith, it is considered at astrologers of most favorable of stars. In a horoscope of composer Brams Spik was in connections with Jupiter — a planet connected in an astrology with concepts of growth, development, advance forward. And all these qualities of a star aren’t connected at all with its astronomical domination in constellation of the Maiden, with an astrological arrangement in the twenty fourth degree of a sign of Scales where it got now thanks to the same shift of equinoxes.

Астрологический прогноз с новыми созвездиями. Проблемы зодиакального гороскопа