New theories

From the point of view of an astrology (as, however, and astronomy). the borders of constellations accepted in astronomy are carried out absolutely any way and divide a zodiac circle into parts in a random way. Astrological division of the zodiac into twelve equal parts, though was defined, apparently, empirically, justified at the very least throughout at least same two thousand years. Therefore, if enterprising Royal society is developed the new division of zodiac signs, leaning on borders of astronomical constellations (and to that it is similar as division turned out asymmetrical), with the same success it would be possible to place signs by means of lot or auction. The same concerns Zmeederzhts who has suddenly intruded in zodiac family (first of all in Russian it is accepted to call this constellation now Zmeenosts’s constellation, and Zmeederzhets — the name archaic, revived obviously when translating from English). Here, probably, as the basis shift any more equinoxes, and geographical poles — change of an inclination of a terrestrial axis served. As a result the Sun way on the sky lies now under some corner in relation to the former provision of times of Ptolemaist and gets a little more deeply on the territory which has been taken away on the heavenly sphere to Zmeenosts (it is necessary to tell that the route of the Sun passes through an edge of the site fixed in 1922 to this constellation, and 2000 years ago). Let’s refrain to repeat about it all former reasoning’s anew. The hour hand bypasses a cycle for a half of days irrespective of, hours hang or lie, and counts time from coincidence with minute on a mark 12, instead of from the direction on a lamp on a ceiling. In confirmation of the revolutionary theory English astronomers, under the certificate of the reached us newspaper and other messages, give cases of discrepancy of character of some historic figures them to astrological types. For example, Margaret Thatcher «was never entered in an image which was created by it that zodiac sign under which she was born, i.e. a sign of Scales — an image of the person lazy, irresolute, credulous», and approaches under a type of a sign of the Maiden where it is placed by new astrological system more. Ivan the Terrible from «modest and accurate» a sign of the Maiden gets efforts of Royal society in «inclined to dramatic nature, explosive, pompous» a sign of the Lion. By l «The Christ who has been given birth, as always it was thought, under the badge of the Capricorn in whom care and pessimism are inherent, was actually the Sagittarius — the optimist, generous, extraordinary». Oh, and our world perfectly would look, be initial preconditions of this reasoning are true! To imagine to itself only — all people who were born from September 16 to October 30 (or on the old rejected system from August 22 to September 23) as one are modest and accurate, from January 19 to February 15 — are careful and pessimistic. And if someone managed to be born at the beginning of November so it is surely lazy. As it is convenient for any human resources department! That for paradise for law enforcement agencies! Well, your date of birth? So, it is clear: explosive, inclined to violence, despotic. It is guilty! The whole month in succession maternity hospitals give out on the conveyor of citizens with identical characters and bents, and from the fifteenth, let us assume, numbers are switched to other character and other bents. The one twelfth (or the thirteenth) a part of inhabitants of the globe «irresolute and credulous», another —is optimistically and generous, the third — is dramatic and pompous and so on. Delightful picture! Fortunately, absolutely incorrect.

Астрологический прогноз с новыми созвездиями. Проблемы зодиакального гороскопа