The astrological treatise

Let’s distract. Let’s distract from daily vanity and we will listen, on what scientists argue. And they argue on stars, about the sky. Happy. But, it appears, stars, space influence destinies of people, the whole people. Means, that occurs to us — their work. The circle became isolated. Same vanity, same problems. But already from other, external point of view. So after all, how THEY there operate us?. Not so long ago among admirers of an astrology there was a strong confusion. If to trust the message of Royal astronomical society of Britain, here already, at least one thousand years as astrological division of a heavenly circle into zodiac signs doesn’t represent the facts.« I am not a Sagittarius and you aren’t Twins» the note in one of popular newspapers was called. Passions inflame. Astrological forecasts say lies, horoscopes are incorrect, and, having pressed Scales and the Sagittarius, in a zodiac circle Zmeederzhts’s constellation settled down. Let’s try to understand after all. And to understand, without forgetting about initial principles of the astrology. After all at all respect for the British Royal societies, an astrology and astronomy not so same. We not to be, for example, kneading dough for a pie, to be guided it is exclusively reasons of the specialist concreter. Really, since astrology emergence — and this science almost same ancient as a human civilization — the inclination of a terrestrial axis considerably changed and besides the extended orbit of our planet was developed in space. A visible way of the Sun among constellations astronomers call ecliptics, astrologers — the zodiac. Being expressed with scientific accuracy, it would be necessary to call this line section of the heavenly sphere the plane in which Earth rotates round the Sun. And so, this line really lies now differently, than at the time of astrology origin. But whether it should influence dependence of our destiny on an arrangement of planets? The aviation route Moscow — New York connects these two cities today, connected three months ago and will be (it is necessary to hope) to connect and in ten years. And after all Earth moves. Three months ago these two cities defended from present situation on two hundred million kilometers. The Sun together with all the planetary family moves also. In ten years New York (as well as Moscow) will be there where now can get unless heroes of fantastic novels. Whether it is so possible to trust the aero naval schedule and whether schemes of air routes are true? It is clear that the answer to this question in anybody won’t cause difficulties. But the essence in that, as in our case business is approximately as.

Астрологический прогноз с новыми созвездиями. Проблемы зодиакального гороскопа