Motion Sun

At the heart of astrology the accurate system lies. The sun in a year passes a cycle on the sky. That is, certainly, not the Sun, and Earth, but here, as well as always actually moves to astrology’s, it is a question of the APPARENT motion on the heavenly sphere. As a reference mark of provision of the Sun and all other heavenly bodies, on this circle the point of a spring equinox is accepted. It is strictly certain point of the terrestrial orbit which in any way hasn’t been connected with constellations — only Earth displacement. When our planet here passes, its axis appears perpendicular to the direction on the Sun, and day on a terrestrial surface on duration is equalized with a night. Astronomical year from here begins; from the provision of the Sun in the sky this day astrologers count zodiac signs. A point of a spring equinox —Moscow of a solar route, it and New York, as a route ring. In the sky — a zodiac circle — astrologers divide an annual circle of movement of the Sun into twelve equal thirty-degree sites, so-called astrological signs. Numbering of twelve astrological houses begins with the main thing from them — where there was a Sun when the person was born — whose communication with zodiac signs thus isn’t so constant. Each of houses under the serial number irrespective of, it is the share of what sign, answers for a certain area of human life! Ishtar houses carried capacious and expressive names: Welfare house. Travel house. Health house. There is a House of death and the life House. On what heavenly bodies and in what combination are at present in each of these houses, astrologers base the forecasts. The arrangement of planets in houses at the moment of the birth of the person allows to make his individual horoscope. Let’s tell once again: the provision of signs on a zodiac circle constantly concerning a point of a spring equinox, and here what sign corresponds to what house — it personally yours and depends on in what sign there was a Sun when you were born. If you the Taurus, this sign for you — the first house. Life house; Twins — the second. The welfare house and so on, up to the last, twelfth House of enemies which finishes a circle and it is the share for you of a sign of the Aries. So we will find out, and here the Aries, the Taurus and Twins. The point of a spring equinox, unlike the Sun, planets and stars, isn’t visible in the sky. In the same way annual Sonatas Road isn’t visible also — from star movement in the sky don’t remain a track.

Астрологический прогноз с новыми созвездиями. Проблемы зодиакального гороскопа