An astrologic prognosis is with new constellations.

Natal chart of the Horoscope of the Christ in this case to restore extremely difficult — after all passed twenty centuries! However, to be convinced of omission of the British astronomers, it is enough to glance in the Bible where the major is mentioned and not the change of the star sky which has coincided with the birth of Jesus causing doubts. Astronomers didn’t agree in opinion, whether there was a Bethlehem star the same new star or a comet, but one is anyway doubtless: it was. Comets play in astrological forecasts a role not smaller (if not big), than new stars. It is known, what ominous value was long since attributed to their emergence, and it is already difficult to judge, the fear before these heavenly bodies was how groundless. If the previous emergence of a comet Gallia in 1910 only can be connected with a considerable stretch from the beginning of the First World War (1914), the last visit of this heavenly guest in 1986 coincided with Chernobyl accident much more closely. In a professional astrology emergence of comets contacts the birth and death of large historical figures. Napoleon was sure that the comet of 1821 foretells his death — and actually he died approximately in a month after its emergence. Certainly, between these events there could be a relationship of cause and effect which is not relating to astrology: someone saw an opportunity, or the emperor became the auto-suggestion victim. But anyway, the astrological importance of comets in anybody doesn’t cause doubts, and the Bethlehem star in Jesus Christ’s horoscope doesn’t leave any possibility to treat this horoscope in the light of ordinary ideas of the Sagittarius or the Capricorn. Here it seems pertinent to make small retreat and to pay attention here on what. Throughout many centuries many astrologers devoted the activity to attempts to reconstruct Jesus Christ’s horoscope is a historic fact. As it was already told, to carry out similar reconstruction hardly probably, however in the competency of similar occupation of doubts practically didn’t arise. A question, in what measure God creates destiny and in what submits to it, rose only at the time of counter reformatory campaigns, as reflection of political struggle of church concessions for the power and influence (and here to a course there was everything that came to hand, and the purpose diligently justified means). During other times anybody — and church including! — didn’t consider attempt to read destiny sacrilege. Unless it can’t serve as the proof, what never in working essence of an astrology the mystical sense was put, what astrological predictions weren’t considered in a circle of experts as fatal or divine predeterminations? An astrology — a science about communication between sequence of events and a visible arrangement shone: in this quality it has not less and no more rights to existence, than. let’s tell, nuclear physics. As the age of nuclear physics is estimated decades, and astrology’s — the millennia so there was time to refuse useless and ridiculous errors if those were available (by the way, not the superfluous will remind that astrological calculations are extremely labor-consuming, and mistakes in former times managed to predictors very expensively). But in any case no science suffers simplifications. Drawing up of the real horoscopes — business very difficult also isn’t reduced at all to sorting of people according zodiac signs. Division into Lvov and Cancers reflects only the widest community of the most probable signs and the most probable events, but it reflects it truly. The author of these lines was firmly convinced of the last, when two acquaintances to it Twins as a result of same adverse for this sign of a combination of planets with participation of Mars independently from each other in the different ends of the city broke one — a foot, another — an edge. Certainly, the people born under one sign, have something the general. In the same way all know that men are usually strong, and women are weak, and nobody tries to disprove this fact on the ground that there are female national teams on shot put. In any case to be anxious there is nothing: Sagittarius’s still remain Sagittarius’s, and Twins — Twins.