Signs zodiac

On astrology representations, character, as well as destiny of the person, is more connected with an arrangement of stars at the moment of its birth. But not to run into illusions about it, it is necessary to remember two circumstances.The first: this interrelation has no nature of inevitable predetermination but only shows the most probable option of succession of events. Contrary to ordinary opinion, fate here and — one of the first rules which the beginning astrologer should acquire, says: stars don’t order, and advise. Having understood properly the maintenance of such council, it is possible to correct, and even at all to cancel its consequences — exactly for this purpose governors of many countries so many centuries in a row contained and contain astrologers. Everyone uses such instructions in ordinary life without any stars. For example, crossing the street, you see: if to continue to move in the former direction with former speed, you most likely will get under the truck. You will apprehend this circumstance as fatal predefinitions or after all stop? So been born on a sign of Scales it is not obliged to be by all means not so the idler, and under the badge of the Sagittarius — the optimist. Any role play, as it was told in former times, «a family and school». And most important second, perhaps. The horoscope of the person is defined by a combination and an arrangement of ALL heavenly bodies considered in an astrology, and zodiac signs one only places in the sky the Sun. A Sagittarius you or Twins are a question only the provision of the Sun on a year circle, and no more than that. Defining influence of this factor will be only in case there are no other, more powerful combinations or provisions of planets that meets quite seldom. If you were born at night (i.e. The sun was under the horizon), and in a zenith thus there was, suppose, Jupiter, will define your character position of Jupiter, at all zodiac sign. Therefore to find out, why Margaret Thatcher doesn’t differ laziness and a credulity, the nobility doesn’t suffice. Scales it or not — need to be found out, where and when (to within 15 minutes) she was born, then to make for this place and time the heavenly card of an arrangement of planets, so-called natal chart. It is very probable that after that need to alter the Universe will disappear by itself. As the sky and without our intervention is ready for all surprises. Here example. Peter I who was born on May 30 (on new style on June 9), i.e. under the badge of Twins of traditional system, nevertheless, most likely didn’t make upon contemporaries impression of «the sociable susceptible intellectual». On the system offered by Royal society, it passes to a sign of the Taurus, i.e. to type of the person «careful, respectable and worshipping to beauty». Again something not that. Here the new system obviously doesn’t work. Works a sky surprise. Besides very significant combination of Mars and Jupiter, on a natal chart of Perth of I in a zenith — and this strongest situation — costs a so-called new star. A question of the physical nature of this star we will leave to astronomers — it by it obviously closer, than interpretation of zodiac signs. For the unsophisticated observer it looks so: among familiar constellations on empty before a place the bright star suddenly flashes, some months (sometimes — years) keep, and then disappear. Approximately in nine months prior to Peter’s birth such star appeared in Chanterelle constellation, having allowed to make an astrological prediction for conception of the great emperor, intended to make large changes — a prediction widely known, documentary confirmed and quite historically authentic. It especially is interesting that Peter 1 wasn’t the eldest son, that is the heir-at-law of a throne. However, the statement about imperial mission of future baby could be provoked by political circumstances of that time — the first child of the new imperial wife occurring from the most influential seigniorial sort. But any provoker definitely wouldn’t manage to light a star in the sky moreover where it is necessary — after all council of stars in this case, as we know, was executed in accuracy.

Астрологический прогноз с новыми созвездиями. Проблемы зодиакального гороскопа