Zodiacal constellation

Let’s repeat once again: the in itself that fact that a star enters into zodiac astronomical CONSTELLATION, doesn’t play any role in its astrological manifestations. Its situation in the astrological HOUSE or height over the horizon is important. And situation in the astrological house depends, besides date of birth of the person, only because where there is the point of a spring equinox serving as a reference mark of zodiac signs. Let’s remember: that its shift became notable, some centuries — term incommensurably bigger, than human life is required. And consequently mixture of this point influences system of astrological indicators not more strongly, than moving of the cities on space together with a terrestrial surface influences routes of flights. Here will remember by the way what exactly moving of a point of an equinox since astrology origin in new zodiac constellation — from constellation of the Aries in constellation of Fishes — served in various atheistic literature (including in school textbooks) as the proof of that the astrology is no other than obscurantism, as religion — opium for the people. Such is a twist of fate: with the greatest heat that never affirmed nobody is ordinary subverted, in this case — an identification of astronomical constellations with astrological signs. Certainly, if our ancestors during ancient times noticed a certain interrelation of a certain sort of events with a certain site of the sky, without having a dlyaopisaniye of an orbit of Earth of thousand-year experience of astronomical supervision, Copernicus’s system, Newton’s laws and trigonometrically calculation, they could connect only these heavenly sites with seen to everyone drawings of constellations. But after all times ceased to be ancient already for a long time, and nobody tries to criticize, for example, methods of modern computing astrophysics by overthrow of astronomical views of Ptolemaist. Let’s remember still that the congress of the International astronomical union which has established in 1922 of border of constellations, didn’t consult for this purpose to astrologers.